Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today was Cozumel

I only have a few pictures on my digital from Cozumel. Will get the underwater cameras developed this weekend.
We woke up so early each morning. The time changes had to do with it. We put the balcony to good use.

Disembarking at the dock at Senor Frog's. Last time we were here, we were at the dock in the background.

We had to wait a while for our boat ride. Time is a funny thing on a cruise. We were dealing with Eastern Standard Time, Daylight Savings Time, Time Zones, Ship's Time, and Shore Time. By the time we got to Cozumel, we were dealing with a time two hours behind J's watch while on shore (but only one hour later by Ship's Time), but it was too confusing to be able to be lazy about it.
(I wish to goodness that I had pictues of J and I. My mother doesn't know how to unload her camera and has a year and a half of photos on it. When I showed her how to make videos, she promptly filled it up. She'll probably buy another card rather than learn to unload the one she has.)

Obviously, I had a thing for the horse and carriages. I wanted to take a ride, but we ran out of time.
We walked around some back streets seeking some new flip flops for J. He'd outgrown his, but we risked it with the old ones, because I couldn't find any around here before we left.

If it hadn't been for my snorkel malfunction, Cozumel would have been perfect. I enjoyed the lag in time, opportunity to see capitalism cruise by in many forms. I liked the shopping, although I don't prefer being 'helped' quite so much. I liked buying Mayan-oriented souvenirs especially. We bought a sun/moon wall hanging and t-shirt for J's half sister. I got some clunky bead silver hanging earrings. J bought a cat with its hiney up in the air for me; it is Spencie through and through, apparently a common Mayan style.
I wouldn't mind going to Cozumel for a third time. I have always wanted to do a dolphin encounter and am going to fit it in. Sometime. Someplace.

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Val said...

Beautiful photos!
but -- small ponies, BIG carriages?!?
Looks like they're doing alright; after all my lil' donkey Qubie hauls MY fat ass around in my training cart on short rides...