Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Weight and food

I gained 2.2lbs last week. I was expecting it to be 5, so I am pleasantly surprised.

Ex had his last leave at home before going to Iraq over the weekend, so he got J immediately after we got home from the trip. Last night on the phone, he commented on me looking thinner. Wow! It is particularly amazing considering I was wearing a huge sweatshirt I bought at the airport. So it boils down to at least my face looking thinner, but I'll take it.

The first two days of our trip, I was very careful about what I ate. Then I succumbed to desserts, sometimes at both lunch and dinner. I still ate salads for lunch, but ate what I wanted for dinner. I was generally able to leave something behind. Meals were different than on Carnival, where five shrimp would be considered an entree, so you ordered several different ones. On Royal Caribbean, an entree is a whole meal and one is plenty. The sirloin I ordered the first night was the only failure: too tough.

Our wait staff was incredible, anticipating every need. At one point, our head waiter, who strongly made daily suggestions, said, "I know you've had beef the last two nights, but I highly recommend the fish tonight." With all the patrons she served, she remembered something like that. Amazing. She's been doing it almost a dozen years, since the ship first set sail. She knows her stuff. (More on the food staff in my back fill post for last Tuesday.)

I'm not sure if I can say the food was better on Royal Caribbean than Carnival, but the service was far superior. The lunch restaurant was not better on this particular ship, because it is a smaller vessel. The Carnival one was expansive, to match the ship's size, and had a much better variety. I was left craving chicken or tuna salad and cottage cheese each day. Carnival had excellent ceviche, which satisfied me. Carnival also had the soft serve ice cream in the restaurant, so J could get his own whenever he wanted. RC had a machine by the pool, but it had limited hours of operation. I think he only got ice cream once.

All in all, the food was good to all of us and yet I kept it in check a bit. Great balance.


Anonymous said...

I have heard diet horror stories from people who went on cruises. Way to go in not going "overboard" (all pun intended).

Aunt Becky said...

I never had a problem gaining weight on my cruise, but then again, I'm extremely picky about my food stuff.

Tara said...

I didn't even attempt to eat right when I went on my cruise in 2004. It's not everyday I get those sorts of food options. I'm glad I didn't have a bathroom scale at the time, though.