Saturday, March 01, 2008

Lucky and happy

Remember several weeks ago when I featured the blog makeover contest? And put the badge on my sidebar?

Well, guess who won!

We won't have to stare at the off center scary cricket any longer thanks to Q and fringes. I am thrilled and thank them so much.

Now I need your help. Is there a blog, a header especially, you like the looks of? Could you share it/them in comments? I am gathering input so I can steer my design. I am truly a blank slate, or screen. Blank paper I can handle. Cannot brainstorm the graphics. If you have ideas on approaching this, pass them along. And thanks to you for your help.


Anonymous said...

congratulations Cricket on the win! Very exciting!

(I did like the Cricket as well, though)

I'm sorry I'm pretty dense when it comes to design so I don't have a suggestion.

I'm sure you'll come up with something brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I think your cricket is cute!
Startling the first or second viewing.
Motherhood Uncensored had a cute header.

DD said...

Well, congrats! Maybe they can get a header with two crickets mating. That'd be cool.