Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hurray, I guess

She found her passport and five copies of her birth certificate moments ago. Talk about overkill.

Just as I suspected, they weren't in a piece of luggage in the garage. They were in the throes of her guest bedroom closet. She was quite lucky to begin there with her indoor search. I guess her subconscious knew the truth.

When he found out the news, J cheered and my mother heard him, her melting a bit. It was a nice touch. He is fond of his Granny, even if his five year old self once astutely observed, "She acts nice, but she really isn't." Let's hope he can keep up the flow of charm this week. He's been instructed that lots of hugs are in order, not that he really needs the push. Further, he'll be sleep with with her instead of me - a highlight for both Mom and Granny.
Deep breath. I'm feeling better and better.


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Anonymous said...

Well I guess that's a relief for all involved...cuz you know, if she didn't find the passport/birth certificate(s) in time you'd NEVER hear the end of it.

Which brings me to the question of: Why so many copies?

Cricket said...

sn - you've got that right.

I have no idea why so many copies. It suits her, though.