Monday, March 17, 2008

Not just towels

Some of the most fun aspects of cruising happen at turn in. No, not what you're thinking.

It is so exciting anticipating the nightly towel animal treat from housekeeping.

We found the Royal Caribbean staff to be the most friendly, helpful, smiling crew we'd ever seen. Housekeeping was no different. Robin did an excellent job and she went above and beyond.
One day, J and I witnessed some towel folding demonstrations and he left two versions on the bed for Robin to see that evening. In return, she made two for him that night. Later, she came back for more one-on-one instruction, something he took very seriously. He's already inquired about the towel situation here and him keeping up the practicing.

Robin's monkey: they usually borrow sunglasses to put on the creatures, but she couldn't find any laying about in our room and used the tiny sombrero instead

J made Robin a lobster with sunglasses and a necklace as well as a cat, with snorkel, mask, and underwater camera as accessories

We were on the 7th floor, just the second room away from the main atrium. It was so convenient. This is the view down to the 4th floor, where they had demonstrations, musicians, and art auctions.

Making a baby, if only it were so easy

Making a turtle, with mindless chatter by J and I

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