Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Whining about travel - sheesh

Well, I am finally starting to get things together for the cruise. I know it's odd, but I have been looking at the prep as work and have felt bogged down in details. My anxiety is spilling over. Smack me now.

Last time, we drove down for our cruise and had a large assortment of bags between the four of us; it was rather ridiculous and very haphazard. This time with flying, we have to be neat and organized about it. I have one rolling rectangular bag and one backpack that converts to a suitcase. However, we can check four, but I'm just not sure how to pack it all yet.

I do have another rolling bag, a behemoth I purchased right before airlines changed the weight limits a few years ago; it actually holds too much. I liked it as a young mom because I only had to worry about one bag and it only took one hand, leaving the other free for the kid. It takes up so much room and is useless on flights now, I really should Freecycle it. It replaced the behemother one we bought in Korea in 1992. That thing was so expansive we could put other suitcases inside it.

So last night at Wally's, I bought a rolling duffel bag suitcase. I hope the three pieces are enough. I don't have places to store more. Back home, this should fit inside the smaller rolling one for storage, I hope.

I know you're on the edge of your seat about this as well as me not being able to decide about clothes and shoes, the very things to fill these suitcases. I'll try to spare you, but I will say this. The concept of evening plus some formal clothes vs. living in just plain day clothes really throws this very casual SAHM. The evening stuff is fussy takes up too much room. And I really don't want a large assortment of shoes; I went overboard last time. Ugh. Just smack me now.

I think I am due for a good snorkling trip.


Aunt Becky said...

I want to go on vacation so badly right now, I could weep.

jess said...

jess needs an effing vacay like you wouldn't believe.

do you think i would fit in that rolling duffel?

Cricket said...

I say


I had a husband and a fiance to be mother buffers for me. So if you're willing to run some interference...

Tara said...

Packing can be very tedious and annoying, even when deep down we know that once we get to our cruise or flight or wherever, we'll have a good time. Which cruiseline are you going on?

Anonymous said...

Girls always make getting to the point of vacationing a need for another vacation. Relax. Enjoy the fact you are going on a vacation.

I am male, I do not pack...rather just throw some stuff in a bag and off I go. As long as I have my camera, some clean boxers, and some tunes I am all good.