Friday, June 01, 2007

Pictures: the simpleton post

J insisted that Memphie would have his eyes open for one picture. Poor cat, but he is so flexible and sweet. They give the wrong impression, but you can really see his fangs here. Even his vet called him Dracula recently.

Besides my foot, here you can see J's teeth really well, too - braces in a month! Spencie was feeling very playful.

He was so playful, you can see the nail he lost sitting in J's hair!

This is an absolute ruse. Lasted about two seconds. Memphie was purring and fine with it, dared to roll over to get his belly rubbed, and Spencie suddenly behaved like my sister and I in the back seat of the car when one of us crossed The Line of War.

I was drawn to post today, but didn't have much to say. I wrapped up the PO stuff in yesterday's comments and am going to the bank/store to buy an MP3 player today, as I will drive by my "boss's" house to check it while he's gone, and I take my divorce decree to my ex husband one more time as he refinances one more time after he can't find the papers one more time. They refi every six months, I swear. So, to hunt down the papers here, but I'll earn a set of braces off of my efforts.

Tap dancing, I am trying not to think of the bad anniversary tomorrow.
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Kellie said...

You're a smart cookie getting the braces out of the way while J is still young. The-Girl has had hers off now for about 2 years and she didn't have to do the "awkward teen" years with them on like *I* did. They have enough to worry about these days without having to add that in there. The-Boy was a few years older and I'm often reminded how I've ruined his life. LOL

I understand the whole concept of refinancing - but at some point it just becomes a game. I couldn't sleep at night. We have good friends that do it every 6 to 9 months - I swear they will NEVER pay off their house. As soon as they get a few thousand in equity they refinance.

Congrats on getting yourself a mp3 player - you won't be sorry. Get yourself a good one. And let me know if your get a hankerin' for some big hair 80s music - I can provide. :)

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Cricket said...

With my son, this will only be the first round to correct problems on top that couldn't be ignored. Then he'll have about two years off w/just a retainer and, entering the 7th grade-ish (he'll be 13 that Sept), he'll get them on both top and bottom - but he'll look a lot better for it being done. I think he'll probably be late with the second round/full set b/c it begins when all his permanent teeth are in. He runs about a year later than most kids on teeth - happened when getting them, happened when losing them, etc. Instead of getting them over early, he's probably on the long track, but he should have them off by when he's 15, I think.

I got ex's MP3 player from CC loaded - a Phi.lips and it cost over $100. I am a sucker. When I saw those tiny screens on the $70ish versions, I could not imagine panning through 600 songs to find something.

He's a few months older than I, so quite infirm, of course. And for the rinky dink players I have, holding under 120 songs, well, I hope the screen won't be such an issue.

I got 527 MP3s on his (vs. what you'd mentioned, DD, which would be 1000 wmas; Johnny Ca'sh's "John Henry" was longer than 3-4 songs) and am pleased. I am trying to listen to it so that I can correct Lime.wire burps.

Or Cricket bumps. Did you know I could load three different people singing "Trashy Women" aka "I like my women a little on the trashy side" and not even realize the duplication? I must really like that song. It speaks loads, huh?

Yeah, talk about loads. What a word verification. Does it reflect on you OR me?