Friday, March 14, 2008

Closing in

I have this 1.5 lbs that I keep gaining and losing, but I can say that going into this holiday, I've lost over 11 lbs, bringing the average to a pound each week since New Year's. Considering I lost probably 7lbs last fall, I can say I've lost close to 20lbs since last summer, when we last went to Florida. It'll sound good to my weight-conscious and critical mother. Portion control will be the watch word for next week.

I'm still reeling about the passport.

Today I need to buy some dry cat food and compose instructions for Norma about the cats. Memph puked under the bed at the same time three mornings in a row and I just knew he was coming down with something. Finally figured he's coming down with mere hairballs, he just chose to be methodological about it.

Everything is setting me off. Good think I'm not going to Wally's today.

I planned to go for a pedicure today, but figured I could just do it myself. I think I need it, though, in more ways that one.

I hope J has the good sense to behave in the coming days. I am trying to include him in the planning and packing, which apply nicely to requirements for the Weblos Traveler badge. Once we leave on the plane, that will have been completed. Of course, this all is making prep for the trip harder, but I figure he does need to learn how to pack a bag sometime. He asked if him packing his weekender to bring it back here counts and it told him it didn't - that he was merely half ass gathering dirty clothes. The requirement states to pack for at least two days, but I'm going to make him choose everything for the week. That'll make him have some ownership with the clothes, too.

As a great distraction for my pre-vacation agony, we're going to see these guys this weekend. Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

good for you and the weight loss. and jealous at the globetrotters!

Anonymous said...

Have fun seeing the Globe Trotters. I took my little brother to see them a few years ago-it was a total blast!

Anonymous said...

I have seen them before as well, pretty fun.

Way to go on the continued quest to lose the weight, keep it up.