Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Our friend, Michael

Last week, I got J to accompany me to Macy's to return two things from the week before. He firmly, but politely, gave me five additional minutes to shop. He wears a watch and will time things.

We strolled around. I found myself standing at a rack of coats and told J he knew of the designer. He rolled his eyes, as if that weren't the truth.

I said, "You know on Project Runway, the first judge is a man. He sits on the far right. His name is Michael Kors," as I gestured to the sign above the coats.

J's reaction shocked me. He gasped when I said Michael Kors and his mouth dropped open as his eyes got a little glassy. He slowly reached up and gently stroked the sleeve of the coat on display as if Michael Kors had sewn it himself.

J was suitably impressed and he felt privileged to touch greatness. I was incredulous that he cared. Maybe he'll be a contestant on Project Runway 2020.


Anonymous said...

Huh??? I have no idea about fashion. I am glad you have a friend who is in touch with such things. Was this friend being sarcastic?

Cricket said...

Micheal Kors is a famous designer. My son surprised himself knowing who he was when I pointed out some of his clothing. J was completely serious in his reaction!

Anonymous said...

Haha, that's cute! I've only seen a few episodes of P.R. but it's not bad, I like some of the designs the people come up with...though, I haven't paid much attention to the judges.

Anonymous said...

Too cute. But does he have any pull with my friend, Giorgio?