Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pills and thrills

The worst of the mood stuff is in the morning as I'm due for another dose. I even have bad dreams the last few hours of sleep. The bcps seem to bring a new brand of dreams and they linger. The dreams don't make the foul mood any easier, either.

My plan is to change the time I take the Yasmin to the evening; I've done that successfully with other pills (I remember one nauseated me if I took it in the morning), although I don't want to switch the moodiest time to the evening as well.

I'm going to wait until Thursday so I don't do anything to jeopardize my date Wednesday evening. I spoke to him Monday before his first mock trial and should talk again today. I appreciate the familiarity we have by phone now.

Oh, yeah. My face is breaking out like the dickens. I can only assume it's related. How odd to apparently have so many anti-benefits to this stuff. I have gathered I am not alone. Thanks for all your comments.

On to more equally exciting news, my cell phone is on the fritz or the local tower is or there's something wrong with my bill, which is paid automatically through online banking and there's definitely money there. I haven't had a signal since at least Sunday. I hate making phone calls like this, the very reason ex called me a bad business partner. Plus, I'm not a text- or phone-a-holic, so I really don't notice the lack.

Yesterday and the day before I spent a good amount of time looking at blogs and getting ideas about designs. I sent a ton of samples, so the wheels are rolling. I cannot wait for the reveal.

Speaking of blogs, I am rather embarrassed that on the front page of this sucker, there are 13 pictures of yours truly. I love to tell stories, but I need to include a couple fewer depicting me!

Speaking of reveals, I have been watching entirely too much TV lately. Does anyone else watch (Reno 911's) Niecy Nash's Clean House on the Style Network? She goes into houses that look like mine (the truth hurts), gathers stuff for a yard sale, then fixes up the house. She aptly calls clutter foolishness. I love some of her idioms. She cracks me up. I wish they worked outside LA and I would love to see her do stand up.

I really need to put this and myself to bed.


Anonymous said...

You remind me of my girlfriend Renee in some ways. She keeps getting new drugs for her anxiety/depression and they all do really weird things to her. She actually made the statement that she would love to go somewhere for a couple of weeks and detox. It just seems the meds mess with everybody who is on them, whether it be a physical side effect or mental. Would that not be a reason for more anxiety and depression?

Right now to boot, she is on antibiotics as well. She has had some sort of viral infection or something (her doctor does not know) and the antibiotics don't seem to be playing well with her meds. She is a mess right now.

Cricket said...

I didn't know you're supposed to turn off your cell daily to get updates from the tower. Mine got stuck due to that. Kinda stupid.

evil-e, I think side effects are a way of life. I have written here ad nauseum about the crap I've been through, from significant leg tremors for four months to sexual dysfunction for two years to a life threatening skin rash. You can't be mindless about these things and you learn to advocate for yourself. You take a lot of mental notes, which feel like they're verging on paranoia, but they are very helpful in piecing things together. You must monitor yourself and it is a lot of work to heap on the already ill. You ignore this or that for a while and suddenly you're in thyroid overdose, for example.

I have often thought about the elderly and infirm, between them taking zillions of conflicting things to them not being able to advocate for themselves. It is an industry and we have to police it for ourselves...if we are able and we suffer if we are not able.

I really appreciate you hanging by Renee as she rides out some tough times. It will get better, but don't ignore it. It won't just go away.

Aunt Becky said...

That SUCKS that you're breaking out, too! Stupid hormones.

Anonymous said...

I do not ignore it at all. I listen to her (about the only thing I CAN do) all the time and try to at least calm her down, make her laugh, or melt her heart. She has way too many things I love about her to just leave her side. At least I know she is not the only one.

Anonymous said...

I used to watch a lot of Clean House at work, my coworker often put it on and we would totally trash the house owners for what kind of crap they would hold onto. Now that coworker has a new schedule so I haven't really watched it for a few weeks.

Cricket said...

evil-e, by ignore, I don't mean you ignoring it like I think you interpreted it. I'm sorry. I mean it is very easy to put your head in the sand and be overwhelmed by it all when you're experiencing it, you or your loved one. I was directing myself to the empowered patient, a difficult position to have to be in. You just can't wish it away, the patient or the loved one. And it is a lot of work.

I'll give an example. I think my father was been depressed forever. A decade ago, a doctor offered him a "mild" antidepressant (what hogwash - there is no such thing as mild) and he declined. His choice, but he was putting his head in the sand and we, as his family, had no choice but to put up with his depression. It's a lot easier to support someone trying to help themselves.

Cricket said...

silverneurotic, I think a lot of that stuff is for show. If people didn't balk about stuff, Niecy wouldn't be able to lay out the big gifts. Then again, I really do have a lot of sympathy for them. Stuff=memories=emotion=attachment.