Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Preference for apples?

With this diet, I am, of course, very food conscious. I am generally eating good stuff. In fact, I am eating up all of my good stuff. Whether it's a container of blueberries, blackberries, or tomatoes or a bag of romaine or carrots, I am eating it all, not wasting fresh food like I used to.

Ex used to complain that I let bananas rot on the top of the fridge. Then he went to my mother's and found the same. Then he went to my grandmother's and found the same. He called me a Third Generation Banana Rotter. So true.

With this diet, I have not been buying bananas, but I have been buying apples. I used to be a champ at rotting apples, too. Part of the reason for that is that apples on an empty stomach are too rumbly for me and who wants to eat a filling, bulky apple on a full stomach?

I bought Fujis for years, liked them better than all others, even as I let them rot on the counter. Once I find something I like food wise, I tend to not stray much. With this diet, I eat several apples a week, but I make them a treat with cheese and crackers for dinner. Fujis are just so darn big, they translate to more cheese and more crackers. I don't like the texture of Red Delicious, so I decided to try Braeburn, a smaller variety. Those things are so tart, the cheese didn't even help. Last week, I got Cortland and was happily satisfied. It's a smaller apple with a mild, sweet taste.

Any suggestions? What do you think about apples? Do you have a favorite variety and why?


Tara said...

I'm okay about apples, but not the biggest fan. I have to be desperately hungry to eat them lately. Have you tried Grapples? They're supposed to be apples that taste like grapes. I fell for it, and although they smell like grapes, they are still apples. I prefer when apples are covered with caramel.

There are times when I buy bananas and eat all but one, and then that one will rot really quick.

Anonymous said...

Honey Crisp Baby! They tatse like apple flavored candy!!

Val said...

I'm a Fiji or Gala fan -- but also a fellow Fruit/Vegetable Rotter (probably to the Nth generation!)
I know, I know -- time for a CHANGE!

Cricket said...

Tara, I have never heard of Grapples. What an interesting concept. My favorite is actually carmel, too. Ya know, that poor last banana doesn't stand a chance.

Anon, again a variety I never heard of. May do some grocery store hopping.

Val, forgot about Gala - like them, but Fuji better, although they're both too big. Funny, you rot the veggies, too. There are probably a lot of us.

Back probably 20 years ago, I had a lunchtime conversation with two co-workers who were apple lovers. They talked about so many apples I'd never heard of, but they made me aware of what I wasn't aware of.

Anonymous said...

yeah, yeah, I'm a rotter too and bananas are the worst. All fruit and veggies are a possibility.

I like to stock up and sometimes I just buy too much because I don't correctly anticipate how much I will be out.

I love fresh fruit and veggies and so usually have a lot on hand, hence the rottiness.

No recommendations on apples. I'm glad to get some of the suggestions made here including your own.

NoRegrets said...

Stayman are the best - crisp and tart and flavorful. But it's all in what type of apple you like - for me, texture is important, hence I never eat Delicious or Rome, because even right off the tree they aren't that crisp. Golden Delicious, however, are very good. Honey Crisp are great too, but it's more like candy it's so sweet! I really like Cortland but really only if I've picked them, since they can lose their texture so quickly. Kind of why I don't usually go for Macintosh either.

Can you tell I like apples? I go picking every year, and always have to teach the newbies that you have to test the tree - because one tree tastes different than the other.

laura b. said...

I like Granny Smiths, because of their tartness, but for some people that is a negative. They are very crisp and juicy. Still, apples aren't my favorite fruit. My favorites are plums and bananas. None will ever go to waste :-)

jess said...

i love the pink ladies...and the old standby: granny smith.

oh yeah..and gala apples too. i hate red delicious and yellow apples. or any apple that isn't crisp.

brite69 said...

I'm a golden delicious freak. They boys likes red delicious. Greg will eat whatever apple is around, if he's in a mood for an apple. o_O

I rot all sort of fresh foods. Lately, I've been letting salad go, too, which is unusual for me. I think it's cuzz they go in that drawer and outta sight, outta mind. I should stash them some place higher.

I've never been one for cheese with apples. I heart me some cheese (even so far as to have one of the crisper drawers dubbed the cheee drawer!) but could never handle the combo of cheese and apples.

Anonymous said...

Apples are usually a good snack, but I have a slight allergy to them when they are raw. (I can eat them in pies and stuff) My throat swells a bit and I get a burning sensation in the back of my mouth. No joke.

Cricket said...

They keep rolling in! Thank you.

E-e, I vaguely remember someone with an apple allergy. I get a bit of that with strawberries.

Anonymous said...

I love your comment about 3rd generation banana rotter, so funny. Anyway, my favorite apple is golden delicious. The thing to do with almost rotten bananas is freeze them, then you can make ice cream out of them by putting them in a good blender or food processor, add a couple almonds or walnuts or raisins! You also can let them thaw a little add some water and drink them, it makes a really good breakfast! Just fyi!

BCC said...

Pink Lady & Granny Smith. :)