Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday Scavenger Hunt: Hot

What great timing! Thanks Alien CG. We start our journey toward our cruise tomorrow. Off to the lands of heat and all things hot.

To commemorate the highs and lows of our last cruise four years ago, here are some pictures of us being hot, braving the hot, and enduring the hot. I look forward to replacing some of these memories.

This was the dock we used to go snorkeling at Roatan, an island off Honduras. It is used by Robert Plant's brother, Paul, for snorkeling adventures. He also made our delicious, hot lunch. I love me some Led, but had to act not too gaga. Funny, the brother blasted us U2 over lobster and pasta, a band he said he hated. I'd have been very happy with Led.

Hot dog! He's a hot tub hog. I only hope there are lots of saunas that kids can use on this trip.

This is the parking lot at Grand Cayman. You get a little hot under the collar when it takes hours to get tendered to the shore and you miss the tour you'd arranged and paid for. Luckily, I found us another tour doing the same thing, just for almost twice as much.

Not hot.

This is Belize and it reminds me of two kinds of hot: temperature and temperament. Just let me be a hot bitch for a minute over this hot mess and know I look forward to replacing these memories with a different set of ruins this week. I had a goal of videotaping this day trip, so I had the camera. Just before we were to climb the ruin, P got something out of the backpack I was carrying. I didn't think anything of it. When we got to the top, I needed something from my bag as well, but reached in to find that the suntan lotion had spilled all over everything. Quietly, I tried to get P to help clean it up so I could continue filming, my main goal, and not draw attention to us from the tour talk. He got haughty, accused me of accusing him of doing it. Nope, I never went there and I just wanted help. It never even occurred to me to accuse him; I just figured it was an accident. Thinking back, I think he had a spark of genuine guilt because he noticed it when he went in the backpack before me, but didn't fess up or take it upon himself to help clean it. It was pretty bad; couldn't have gotten that way just from me climbing the ruin.

He pouted and grumbled the rest of the day, which encouraged his impressionable daughter to do the same and things got progressively bad that evening, to include the "Still hate Dad's gf" postcard. While out touring, I was incredulous, couldn't believe an adult was acting this way, particularly because he encouraged it to be an us vs. them scenario with divided families. We'd been going out three months and this was the first time he showed his ass, but I couldn't very well break up with him that week on the boat, then it was a slippery slope after that. I'm still kicking myself.

Now that I reflect on his reaction, it was probably alcohol-related grumpiness in that we were being tourists and not drinking that hot day. He had irrational spells like this later, too, that I think were from him being on the wagon due to being around me and/or my son as he tried to hide his addiction. Hindsight sure is 20/20. Hot damn! I think I learned something!

Mexican Hot-cha-cha. J does the Kindergarten version of From Here to Eternity in Cozumel. Hot!


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip Cricket!!! Are we going to hear from you at all? And how long are you going to be gone?

Best wishes on a wonderful journey!!

Aunt Becky said...


Anonymous said...

Hm, funny-I never knew Robert Plant had a brother. And I consider myself to be a fan. ;)

Cricket said...

The brother's name is Paul David and he looks just like Robert Plant - and that is RP's birth name, so maybe David isn't his last name or they're half brothers. Prior to researching it just now, I assumed the Plant part was a stage name. The brother is shorter with brownish hair. Same face.

Anonymous said...

Good job on the scavenger hunt. Mine will be up eventually. ENJOY your trip, it is supposed to relax you.

laura b. said...

Great images of heat! Have a great cruise making new memories, Cricket :-)

NoRegrets said...

Wow, that was great!