Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patty's, a week late

I have an agenda for catching up on this week's posts in retrospect. Here's a sampling, more or less:

Monday: Incredible housekeeping talents
Tuesday: Incredible wait staff and Incredible chefs
Wednesday: Cozumel snorkeling and town sights
Thursday: Progreso ruins, Mexican lunch, dancing, and horse show
Friday: Art Auctions and our preferences

I also am planning to painstakingly type out all the zillion excursions available from both ports. I could find a smattering of this online, but I sure would have appreciated the whole shebang. That said, we really enjoyed the excursions we chose.

Our days at sea were Tuesday and Friday. I am a much better sightseer than a cruiser. Days at sea torture me, as I'm not much into bingo or the casino. I did try salsa dancing lessons with my mother one day and she did swing on her own the other. I don't know how the pool lovers did it with the winds. I took J to the indoor poor one evening and the sloshing of the water left a 2' variance with all the movement; it was dangerous, actually. The three of us went to a hot tub (shock, come to think of it, it was our only time) one mild but windy evening, but mostly we turned in rather early. We saw two evening shows, one the ship's dancers and one The Drifters, which was superb. No Midnight Buffet for us. Two cruises and I've never seen a Midnight Buffet! I think I'm still searching for my cruising niche. I'm too afraid to go to the art auctions, don't want to make purchases like that and I know I have no self control!

Food, that's the niche. Tomorrow is the post-cruise weigh in. I suspect I'm up a couple pounds at least - all so very worth it!

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dawn224 said...

yep yep, I hated the time at sea, drove me insane.

and your mom - yeah, i totally recognize some of those traits in my parents.