Sunday, November 04, 2007

Arrests and waffles

With the comic timing and charm of a Jack Lemmon, I love Shia LaBeouf. I first saw him in Project Greenlight's series and The Battle of Shaker Heights. Last week I finally saw Transformers and was shocked I could like such a movie. It was my son's recommendation and he was right, except I liked it mostly for the dose of Shia. I'm looking forward to him as the young Indiana Jones.

He was arrested overnight. Intoxicated in Walgreen's in Chicago. The boy who shuns the nightlife, not wanting to be taken lightly. Somehow the Walgreens part is fitting to his comic personality. I can't wait for the rest of the details. At least it didn't turn out like Kid Rock recently at a Waffle House.

Speaking of which, my son stayed at my father's overnight. My son's favorite restaurant is Waffle House (I'm araisin' him right around here) and part of the deal was that they would go to Waffle House for breakfast. He has a waffle menu favorite that is not found at IHOP or Denny's. We have no Waffle Houses within a 30 mile radius, so that makes them more intriguing. Our drive to FL in the Spring will be mapping Waffle Houses along the interstate.

Wouldn't that be a doubly fantasy fulfilled? Meeting Shia with my son at a Waffle House?

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brite69 said...

HAHAHAHAHAA! Shia likes to throw down like he's in Flint-Town! SOOO many people get arrested or taken to the hospital while drunk at WalGreens around here that it's pretty much become a sport.