Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Of course it was supposed to rain this morning, so my plein air teacher moved class from a playground with a view to indoors working on an old project of our choosing. I couldn't do that to my son (room indoors with a bunch of old women vs. playground), so with pain I skipped the last class. I couldn't think of a picture I wanted to work on further and none of my photographs of the outdoors jumped out at me to begin anew. I'm bummed. Registration is this week for next quarter. I need to decide what I want to take next time.

I need to work on getting him to eat that mushroom salad today.

Also, I woke up with a stye.

Oh, and yesterday I took J to the dentist at 3, but his appt was at 2, so I take him back at 3:15 today. I really hate that. I was a bitch because I was absolutely mortified and complete embarrassed. The office is by ex's house and I hate driving 25 minutes down there. I want J to have a dentist nearby.

Last time we were at the dentist, the honcho said J needed braces sooner rather than later, kind of reprimanding himself he didn't insist upon it six months earlier. Then he said that they now have an orthodontist coming to their office and we should use them. Turns out, this ortho is there on alternate Fridays in the morning. That's all. J'd have to miss school for each appt each month (plus an hour driving) and that didn't make sense. Even the office lady said I should look elsewhere. So I researched and chose a different guy who opens up some days at 7am and closes some days at 8pm. Makes better sense.

I need to do another photograph of the progress of his teeth. They are completely straight and even. I have no clue why he needs braces another 8 months, then take two years off, and has them two years again. They could come off now and I'd be happy, but we signed that contract, so we might as well torture J as long as we can.

I should also do a head gear picture. He's pretty good about wearing it each night. He's supposed to wear it 10-12 hours daily and we're right in there with 9pm-8am.

Go figure. I complain about the possibility of sleeping in a mask and he does just fine with wires sticking out of his mouth, secured with elastic around his head. Who's the flexible one and where on earth did he get it?


DD said...

Now you could have turned your last day of the class into quite an opportunity: a painting of a window looking OUT onto a playground.

If there was a window.

Looking onto a playground.

Good lord. I don't have all the answers!

brite69 said...

I had a friend in school (jr high thru high school) who was on the same type of schedule as J with the braces. She said her dude told her she needed to do it like that to ensure that her teeth didn't start moving back to where they were when they started, which would have pretty much defeated the purpose of getting them all together. Maybe that's why? *shrug*