Friday, November 09, 2007

Pile o'cats

Momma Cat: Ollie

This picture began my Stuff on my Cat fascination with piles of cats, shots I keep as new on Bloglines so I can peek at them periodically. Although I've had lots of cats, I've never had any that wanted to touch each other. Unlike brite with her slutty friendly new baby who will hang with anyone, mine will only get as close as occupying the same bed for warmth, whereby I am the connecting link in the cat pile.

I especially appreciate Ollie's crew because of the eyes of the front two kittens. Theirs are the look of love, complete and absolute, the way any baby looks at its mother, the look that the infertile is missing and it tugs my heart.

They're my tiny inspirations. I get a loving and mothering recharge just from visiting these kittens. I want to be that adored.

There are a few more piles to share in the coming weeks.

PS SOMC - I tried to download these pictures to use them, but Picasa loses things and hates downloads, so I'm sorry for stealing bandwidth.


DD said...

While I can't have cats in the house, I LOVE kitties!

Anonymous said...

Those kittens and their mama are
I just want to hold them!
So cute!!

brite69 said...

LOL The slutty bitty cat. She's not slutty! She's just... uh... very popular?

I love Stuff On My Cat. We've submitted some of our clan a few times, but we've never seen them on the site. I also really like MyCatHatesYoudotCom. Awesome pictures with some pretty funny captions.

That picture you have on here is absolutely adorable! One of my favorites.

Sherril said...

My cat sometimes looks at me that way...