Sunday, November 18, 2007

For the sake of science

I have always wanted a simple tattoo, something that could be covered and revealed as desired.

The problem is that I have never decided the what or where. I've put it to test and still cannot come up with a solution. So I am discrete and tattooless.

These folks, however, have outdone themselves. As a published biochemist, I am innately a science geek. I appreciate those who can wear that proudly on their sleeve... or rump.

Check out this flickr set put together by honcho science geek, Karl Zimmer.

Here are a few stand outs:
Baby Sperm Head
Cheat Sheet
Heart in his Sleeve
The Most Dry and Boring One of All

And here are a couple gracefully beautiful ones:
Haeckel's Marine Life
Haeckel's Evolutionary Tree
Haeckel's Brittle Star

Will fix links shortly.

1 comment:

Elizabeth Coplan said...

Don't tell anyone but I've always wanted to get a butterfly tatoo.

Say, today you are front and center on my Blog. Cheers,
Elizabeth at A Wild Ride.