Monday, November 26, 2007

Big boat

In my initial warning notification to my readers about NaBlo, I listed some blogging subjects I wanted to cover.

Something I haven't gushed about is our cruise coming up for Spring Break.

It started with my mother wanting to get together over the holidays and flights being booked. I told her that she should actually try to plan something in advance next time and suggested Spring Break. To my surprise, she jumped right on that idea.

I did the research and ran some options by her. One cruise left from near her, so that pretty much sealed the deal. It makes two stops. One is where P and I drank too much and had a marvelous time, but we never made it past the strip mall at the base of the dock. The other is at a more exotic place that fewer people go to.

At the first place, this time we're going to take a boat snorkeling. My mother said she would snorkel. I'm getting J snorkeling equipment for Xmas. I guess we should go to a pool and practice beforehand, too.

At the second place, we will probably go to some ruins and swim in a sink hole, then go to town. This way, we'll get two days of use out of the snorkeling equipment, but see other things, too.

My mother took a cruise with a friend a few years ago and neither of them got off the ship for their three ports of call in seven days. They had a balcony and were quite happy on it. (Opposing that, we had a cruise for four with nary a window.) She insisted on a balcony this time, too, although I am going to drag her chicken ass off the boat. I had to reassure her that excursions do make it back on the boat on time; they do it every day.

To me, the ship is just a big, fancy, pimped out car getting me from one place to another. The ports are the thing. I need to see stuff.


DD said...

I can't believe she stayed on the ship the whole time! I took a cruise when I was a young 20 years of age and even with a total lack of responsibility, I made it back each time as well.

Anonymous said...

I've never been on a cruise. But I can't believe one would stay on the ship for a whole week with all that port adventure to see just down the gangplank!

What great fun you will have!

Anonymous said...

How exciting for you!
I hope you go somewhere, where you
can really enjoy yourself!

brite69 said...

Oh man. I don't know if I could ever go on a cruise. I've never been on a giant boat before, just the little ones that randomly fly about on lakes, but even thinking about being on a giant boat out on the ocean makes me incredibly anxious. Not too sure why, but I'm a litle panicky just typing that out. Probably not a good idea for me to attempt a ginormous boat.

I hope you guys have fun! Is J excited?

Cricket said...

The first time I was on a boat like that years ago, I got a bit stir crazy and it was only for three hours - Miami to Freeport.

When we went almost four years ago, it was better, but I can't pinpoint why. I still don't care for the casinos or fake Vegas shows. I did enjoy the meals and ordering multiple entries, because they're small anyway. I liked dressing up in my room and having an elegant dinner only an elevator ride away.

J will like the food again, even though last time our Romanian waitress kept bringing him cheezbourghers even when we requested shrimp. (Her tip showed it.) J especially liked the self serve ice cream in the casual dining room. That's what popped into his mind first when he found out about this one. It's a different cruise line, so I hope they have the same treats.

J's going to love snorkeling, too. He said that's what he's most excited about. Last time, he held on to a floating diver's balloon once while we snorkled and drug him about the Coral Garden at Cayman. He'd been taking swimming lessons to get to that point. Now he's a strong swimmer.

Also, the balcony will be a big hit. Oh, and the hot tub.