Friday, November 02, 2007

Beginning of the end

In unprecedented news, as I nibble on my seasonal favorite Terry's (Dark) Chocolate Orange, I decided to come out of my shell and participate in NaBloPoMo. I want to expand my horizons, joined some groups, etc. I am called Churping there. Check out my page and the old picture there. I was a month old. That's my one remaning grandmother and my father's 15 yo sister, legs right up to her long neck. If you're participating, make me a friend.

For those of you who've requested more posts of late, I am trying to acquiesce. For those of you thinking less is more, just continue to ignore me. hehe

My primary goal is to not make this into a Health Crisis of the Day blog and have something additional to blog about and focus on, although health will be a big deal considering how many tests I have coming up.

I haven't blogged about my cats in some time. They'll get theirs.

I need to blog about my relationship with ex's daughter and how that feels.

I don't talk about my son enough. I see our relationship maturing and I need to discuss it.

I read lots of celebrity blogs and I want to quip about them more.

Further, I don't mention or review all the movies I see and how they get me through the week.

Additionally, I have a few art classes left to blog about. I am hoping I have a canvas to be proud of as my oil class comes to an end in two weeks. Plein air ends on Tuesday. I must decide about next semester. And be motivated about painting indoors at home.

Lastly, but probably not, I have not mentioned our big plans for Spring Break which involve a big boat, ports of call, a balcony room, and my mother. Most of those elements are loads of fun. Most.

Hope you enjoy the journey this month. I am hoping it won't be too painful for me to be tied to a schedule! If you have any questions or suggestions, do take over the comments. I'd appreciate the input.

ETA: A participant names Shannon listed these ideas for posts:
-take a picture of the first thing you see everyday that is new to you-on day 1 take a picture of the number 1 somewhere, then day 2 do the same with 2-on day 1 take a picture/blog about something that starts with the letter A, then B for day 2. You will have 4 leftover days and you could do colours for them
-blog about your favourite words, foods, shoes, pets, peoples, movies, tv shows, artists, bloggers..
-blog about the most interesting thing that happened that day
-blog about the least intersting thing that happened that day
-blog about 1 thing you want to happen that day, and if it did
-blog about what you are proud of each day (you can do it!)
-blog about what you had for breakfast (everyone needs breakfast!)
-blog about the weather
-blog about a story of a fictional character's adventures though lift
-blog about yourself if you were someone else for a month
-blog from the perspecitive of your cat, dog, kids, parents, etc
-blog about your dreams (nighttime or goal-like)


DD said...

I'm going to try to think up some questions for you, but I'm excited to hear about the cruise, even if it is with your mother.

brite69 said...

I admire you for being able to stick to this NaBloThing. (I can never remember the name right) I'd like to try it, but I'm not sure I'd be able to blog everyday with all the random bullshit that pops up around here. :-/

I look forward to reading! And seeing. You've been posting some wicked paintings lately.

Val said...

Z & I have been on a zombie-movie marathon...
We loved loved LURVED us some Shaun of the Dead, even Resident Evil (the original) was not too bad for a movie based on a video game!