Monday, November 05, 2007

Numbers and fungi

What a difference two nights make. Last night, the number went up by 5 for a net of one. Hurrah.

Damn Feedburner. Who knows what to believe?

I do know that my kid loves some mushrooms. Last week, he supped on one of those square packages of mushrooms, the whole thing in one sitting. Ranch dressing is a must.

Mushrooms and bleu cheese dressing are the reasons he likes Ruby Tuesday's and their salad bar so much. I can always get him to go to RT and he always gets the same thing, usually with a little cheddar-like-substitute sprinkled on top. Often with some broccoli.

I figured I'd put the mushrooms premise to good use for tomorrow. I have my plein air art class and have to bring him. Schools are closed because of elections and I didn't want to miss the last session. The class runs until 2:30 (although I plan to leave early), so I must pack my son a picnic lunch.

Oh, if he were so easy with a PB and J! To make it like a treat, I decided that we'd go to the grocery store and allow him to make a salad for tomorrow. Of course, it is slathered with mushrooms and ranch, but it also has some spinach and colorful lettuce. With enough Ranch, he'll eat the lettuce, too.

He'd declined on the deli chicken salad I love until I got them to give him a sampler taste. Now he's a big fan and chowing on Townhouse Crackers with deli leftover-roasted-chicken-salad which is worth every inflated penny.

Big victory there, expanding his food horizon.

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