Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New feature: Oddities I

Probably no more or less odd than the next person, I have, however, begun recording some peculiarities for a series of posts.

Let us begin...

My mother used to joke that I was knocking myself out when I scratched my nose. I am not a gentle nose rubber. Instead I use my fist and drag my knuckles along the nostril and, as they hit cartilage, it makes a distinctive popping sound. I've only met one other person who abuses their nose like me.

I am kind of ambidextrous. Although I am technically right handed, I do a number of things exclusively with my left hand, like driving, opening jars and bottles, and playing pool. And abusing my nose.

For months, I have taken a holiday from plucking my eyebrows. When I was younger, plucking was a daily occurrence, religious even; now I have caterpillars. My old self would be appalled.

I cannot sip orange juice. I gulp. Heartily. It is my favorite drink - Minute Maid, blue cap - and I have no self control.

I have found posting for NaBlo amazingly undifficult. I think I am master of the inane and daft enough to write about it. I hope my audience isn't too bored as I blog the minutiae.

What about you? Care to share an oddity?


DD said...

I think that's why I decided not to entertain the NaBlowhatever.

I can write daily, easily, because I am the embodiment of inane.

But that's not my oddity: If my ear itches (on the inside), I can put my pinkie finger in it and vibrate it so hard, I make a popping noise as well. My mom can do it, also. It gives Mr. DD the huzz.

brite69 said...

Oddities... Um... I crack my elbow when it feels weird. I just bend my arm and then kinda... Throw my hand? That's what it looks like anyway. Then the elbow makes a snap noise, similar to that of cracking a knuckle, and everyone around me looks at me like I just ate a kitten.

The way you are about orange juice is exactly the way I am about iced tea. I get at least 2 large teas from McDonald's daily if I'm out of tea bags.

I yell INCREDIBLY loud. Like, I can be sitting at the very top of a set of high school football bleachers (the home team's, they're always bigger) and be heard by the players on the feild. I can also sing incredibly loud. There has been a few times where I've had a microphone malfunction during a drunken karaoke fest and no one could tell that it wasn't on except for me cuzz I couldn't hear myself through the speakers.

Oh! And, although I know it's not healthy for me to do, I can hold off going to the bathroom for 12 hours at a time. Dispatching teaches you how to do those things when you absolutely can not leave your desk. o_O

Anonymous said...

I have to crack my hips in order to sit crosslegged. Um, I can crack elbows and occasionally my knees, which Mr Oro thinks is bizarre.

Um...other oddities...I can't think of any off the top of my head?

Well-heeled mom said...

I have to pluck my eyebrows everyday.

I have a lot of oddities. One is I have to clean the table and kitchen immediately upon finishing dinner. I can't sit and have a cup of coffee, visit, whatever. I blame my mother. I couldn't play unless the dishes were done.