Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gaming interlude

Do you play games online in those fleeting moments of boredom?

If so, what do you waste your life on play?

Sometimes, I play Splash and Tetris. I like that I can go to a website, not download anything, and play by myself.

Any suggestions for me adding to that tiny list?


Anonymous said...

I don't play a lot of online games...other than solitare (doh!)

But I've been going to this place a lot lately:

It's fun, and rather addictive. Plus it donates rice through the UN. What could be better?

Anonymous said...

That Splash is game is tougher than it looks. I like Boomshine, but that's the only online game I play these days.

brite69 said...

Holy damn that Splash game is addicting! I'm hoping that it doesn't wind up blocked any time soon, but I'm sure it will. Damn job not wanting me to have any fun. LOL

I like to play Dynomite on Yahoo a lot. I've actually stayed up qell into the wee hours of the morning playing that game with out realizing it. o_O (I'd link, but I'm blocked from there at work.)

Cricket said...

Splash is addictive! I got that from Orange.

I love the free rice thing. I find that addictive.

I'm stuck on Boomshine, 55 of 60. Kinda making me crazy.

Need to find the Dynamite one.

Here's another that J loves, can be for adults, too.

Line rider games are hilarious.