Monday, November 12, 2007

Leather smeather

I have a pet issue with a local theater. J and I went this weekend as we had to pick up our fired pieces (pictures to come!) from the nearby pottery painting place and it seemed logical to combine something with the drive over.

Both times I've gone to this theater, I picked the wrong movie at the wrong time. They have what they call the "Producer's Club" theater, ripe with leather seats, assigned seating, and waitstaff before the flick. The drawback is that tickets cost an extra $2 each and child discounts do not apply. I think it is a rip off in an industry that's already a rip off.

Considering that most people stand in line on their own to get food, the waitstaff issue is moot. I saw nobody use him.

However, my main peeve is that you don't know in advance if the movie of your choice is in the Producer's Club theater, so you're not prepared for the idea of the additional cost. You're also missing the ability to be flexible and arrive 30 or 60 minutes later so the price would be less at a different showing in the same complex. Okay, I'm cheap, but I would have never guessed that a 1:30 showing of Bee Movie would require leather seats and $20 for us to get in.

I'm just sayin'.

Total cost including matinee pricing, leather upgrade, pizza slices, drinks and candy: $50.

Besides, the digs must have been a bit too comfy. I fell asleep.


Shinny said...

I hate going to the theater at all these days. It is so expensive and the seats suck for comfort. I guess I am getting spoiled having stuff come out on video so quickly these days so I can just rent it and watch in the comfort of my recliner with my blanket and three cats on my lap. Wow, I sure sound like the crazy cat lady in that comment, don't I? ;)

DD said...

That's the kind of theatre to go see a chick flick w/Mr. DD. He could sleep so I don't have to hear him bitch (or see me cry, which I invariably always do), and I get to see a movie *I* want to see.

Val said...

!!!I have been trying to agitate Z into "wanting" to see Bee Movie, but if you fell asleep, maybe not?!?