Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I'm glad the election is over

Beyond the litter all the signs create, I am glad they're no longer invading my home. I toss the mailed fliers immediately, but I generally answer the phone. Daily calls. Many times daily. For weeks.

In fact on the day of the election, I even got two calls from the current and former governors. And another by a real person, not a recording.

With all this inundation, I was only the 200th voter to go to my polling place by 2:30 Election Day. While I do love this walk-in polling place much better than my last forever-wait-in-line one, I feel better when I have a sense of the level of participation.

At 5pm, a canvassing volunteer gave me some answers. She asked whether I'd voted. I replied that I had and she looked a little relieved, saying the participation is low, only about 15%.

So, did you vote and, if not, why?

I think it would help if the polls around here stayed open until 8 instead of 7. With them being electronic, seems like that would streamline the tallying and they could stay open to even 9. People's commutes makes voting difficult.

At least the main guy I voted for probably won in a 51/49 race. At the newspaper website, I pointed it out to J, Mr. Reluctant to go to the polls, and showed how every vote counts.

Yeah, when I had my big political transformation in graduate school while ex was stationed in Korea, he came home and had absolute fits that he and I would cancel each other out during elections.

It gives me some satisfaction to do that now.


Anonymous said...

I didn't vote as there were no elections in my state. And if there were, it's not been mentioned in any of the papers!

Cricket said...

Well, that is the perfect excuse for not voting!

brite69 said...

I didn't vote cuzz the only election I gave a shit about was the Flint Mayor's race and I can't vote in that cuzz, even though I have a Flint address, I technically live in Grand Bland Twp, which is basically the good part of Flint. Kinda. Anyway, the twp wasn't having an election and if Grand Blanc city did (I think I could've voted in that) they didn't say anything about it.

Ron Southern said...

Yeah, Satisfacshun!!!