Sunday, November 04, 2007

Bonus post

I noticed that overnight after I announced that I'd be blogging daily this month, four people unsubscribed.

I feel unloved.

On the other hand, I really got a kick out of DD's sign:

Thank you for not unsubscribing.

You can take that part personally, people.


Anonymous said...

Who needs them anyway, Cricket?

Anonymous said...

fuck 'em....but I know how you feel. The only "peeps" I've got left are hardcore Lala lovers. tee hee

Anonymous said...

Really? How bizarre...I mean, it's not like you've converted to [religion of choice here] and after surrenduring to god are now pregnant with octuplets* or something.


*although that would be funny in a kind of horrifying way

Rising Rainbow said...

My subscriptions go up and down every day, I haven't a clue where that number really comes for SO if I don't get it, it must not matter, right?? Hey, that's how my HB thinks, it might just work for me once in a while.

DD said...

NaBloPoMo = Kiss of Death!

I'm still seeing the same number of your subscriptions on bloglines...?

Re: Oro's comment, I bet if you did convert and get pg with Octuplets your stats would skyrocket, just to see the Crazy. People are weird.

Ron Southern said...

I never gave it a thought! Besides, I'd wake you up and push you out before I burned your house down, don't you know that? I'm a gentleman, no matter whose throats I cut. Am I raving? Probably. Pass me the Ranch dressing, it's good stuff on those mushrooms!