Sunday, November 25, 2007

More movies

Do you know how badly I wanted Love in the Time of Cholera to be good?

When I found out it was being made, I began to think of the movie to be my Cliff Notes. I don't figure I'm getting graded on it, but I've tried twice to read this dense novel and I've never made it beyond one third. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, but I won't pay to see a movie rated 14% by the Rotten Tomatoes Cream of the Crop. Even I have standards.

Okay, there's one reason I might. Javier Bardem is good looking in it. In No Country for Old Men, he looked like a pale, waxen freak, appropriate enough for the part. After that flick, I came home and scoured IMDb for Bardem just to see if he could look regular without a mushroom hair cut and bad make up. Turns out, he is oddly, ruggedly handsome. He accepts strange parts so he can break free of the pretty boy image and camouflage his good looks.

So, if you see Cholera, come tell me about it... whether the reviews are accurate. I want the scoop and don't want to pay for leather seats to get it. heh

I suspect the next movie I see will be Enchanted, which is getting excellent reviews. It'll be fun to see Disney making fun of itself. I also want to see the scrumptious Daniel Craig in The Golden Compass, although the Fundamentalists are having fits that it is unChristian. All the more reason to support it, I believe.

J and I saw Fred Claus yesterday and it was much better than the reviews would lead you to believe. Some is predictably predictable, but it is very entertaining. Seeing Vince Vaughan trying to make his huge frame dance and appear light-footed is worth the price of admission.

PS - Right now, I am sick of posting daily.


Anonymous said...

I've got Cholera upstairs somewhere, but i've never managed to get anywhere past the first page. I'm hoping the movie is good, too, but again with the reviews...

brite69 said...

I don't think that it's the fact that Compass is UNChristian so much as the author of the book and the movie adaptation saying that he outright hates God and wants to kill him in the eyes of children. Whether he actually said that, I'm not sure about. Greg's mother is a HARD CORE Catholic and he likes to think he is. Well, if you were to compare him to me than he's hard core. LOL Anyway, his mom sent him some email, which he in turn sent to me (even though I have asked him to stop. Repeatedly) and that was in the email. I'll have to see if he still has it so I can try to verify if that was actually something that was said.

I've never understood why people can't just let others believe as they see fit and let it go. After all, last I heard humans were not in charge of who went where when they died.

brite69 said...

Ok. I found an article on a website for a news channel I can't stand, which pretty much says what the email says. Well, at least from what I can remembre anyway. It doesn't say that he said he wanted to kill God, but in one of the books, a character called God is killed. I know that's what got Greg's mom all atwitter. (heheh. Atwitter)

I think that movie will be something that I rent or get on the intarwebs or something and then go from there. It takes a lot to get me into a theater and, while the movie does look pretty bad ass, it's just not enough to get me to pay the outrageous prices.

Cricket said...

atwitter - good one!

Thanks for finding the article. I cannot believe a movie that took since 2004 would finally get made with all the buzz around it.

The whole article, I was thinking how anti-C.S. Lewis it is, then they mention how much Pullman hates that series.

I agree. Lewis types had their say, let someone else make movies, too.

Seriously, it's no darker than most PS2 games.