Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mistaken identity

As I mentioned before, ex took J to our college homecoming recently. He told my father and sister where they'd be, so my dysfunctional family came to the game to see J and brought along my 13yo niece as well. Although we don't get along that well, I'm happily surprised they followed through on attending, as they aren't the most reliable people in the world.

At the game, ex sat behind an old college roommate and his wife, who also attended the school. As they were sitting down, the wife turned ever so politely to my younger, 43yo sister and said, "You must be J's other grandmother."


I never liked that wife, even while I was in college with her, but boy has she redeemed herself in my book!

Not to mention that ex's wife thought my sister was not my younger sister, but my older by 10 years! Talk about redeeming.

One difference in us is that she is a brown-skinned Greek who worshipped the sun slathered in baby oil and I am a fair-skinned Scot with unwrinkled skin. Further, I have little gray and my sister has a full head; that's the biggie, I think. She was coloring her hair before she was 35, saying her temples were filled in gray back then. Some time in the last few years (probably due to poverty), she has let it go gray. She's as gray as our parents or even more so.

One might not think I'd get such a chuckle over this, but when my body has failed me in so many other ways, I feel justified in celebrating the one way it's done me right!

Well, that plus she was always the cute, petite (no longer!) one with giant boobs and I was the plain, clunky, big (even at 110 lbs), cone-boobed older sister. Time is not kind.


DD said...

We take our age compliments where we office mate's grandmother came to visit her one day and asked who was that "nice young lady in the other office".

Grandmother actually thought I was younger than her granddaughter who is almost 10 years YOUNGER than I.

Anonymous said...

Good thing i never experience circumstances like that. I guess it would be far and impossible that i will be mistaken to be older than my bother. Im way too young to be mistaken. ^_^