Friday, November 30, 2007


Something happened to the Churp, Churp header! Bear with me as I try to learn some new programming skills. Or bug Ron again.


Semavi Lady said...

LOL, keep Ron on his toes! Good for him!

Cricket said...

He helped me so much in the trasition to new, I know he knows his stuff!

Thanks for stopping by.

Ron Southern said...

Eek! All the ladies clustering in one place--my ultimate nightmare! Well, it would be, if they were real girlfriends and not just good ole girl friends!

Cricket, this happened to a number of blog headers, including mine. I've been just holding my water so far, thinking Blogger would have to make some statement soon, but I haven't found one yet. It doesn't bother me much, but it will do so before long. I may have to play Sherlock Holmes yet, though it's probably some but they've got that only they can fix. But first I'D LIKE TO hear them acknowledge it, dammit!

Hang in there. Maybe we can all hang together. Wait a minute, who said that? I think it was Hitler. One wouldn't want it to be Jesus.

Semavi Lady said...

Cricket, try adding this line to the section of your template where the cricket and berries picture is specified. Just add this line after the 304px; (but before the last angle bracket)

background-position: center;