Friday, November 30, 2007

In conclusion

Thanks for the bandwidth, not fainthearted!

This month for NaBloPoMo, I had expected to do more cat homages, things that make me smile. I am going to try to get in a few more soon.

If you'll recall, my cat, Sad!e, died in March. She was almost 19. I miss her every day. She was a great cuddler, loved to sleep under my covers at night so I could be her radiator. She talked back every time I talked to her, even if it was just a grunt after I'd pestered her into talking too long. She was such great companionship. And she is still boxed in my freezer, as we haven't ventured to the taxidermist yet. My mother often makes fun that we'll reach in for the ice cream and pull out a cat.

The two cats we have now, who we got in March and April and which I have also meant to discuss, are fine; they're just not Sad!e. It is taking all my strength to not find myself another lanky, petite little gray kitten, but I fear would terrorize it like he does Memph!s. bugs me because he is so aggressive and playful, Memph!s because he is such a chicken who lives under the bed. But they are both very loving, very attached, and very loved.

Sadie's why I've kept as new on Bloglines these pictures from SOMC. They remind me of what Sad!e was like all those years ago when she fit in one hand.

I miss my cat. It makes my heart ache.

The real thing:

With that, NaBloPoMo is over for me. I'm proud to have posted each day. As I said before, I am master of the mundane.

Now to decide where this blog is headed. Except for the unused posts waiting to be applied in the coming days, should I keep with the routine blog post method with its requisite dabbling in the minuscule? Or should I stop sweating and writing about the small stuff and go back to weekly or twice weekly posting? Tough decision.

I once had an online friend who complained that I posted too often when I wrote several times a week, her saying that people don't have time to absorb and respond to a topic. I see her point and perhaps the way it worked on her blog; she got way over 20 comments each and they were spread out over time.

I am not so fortunate and eek out few, with half being my own anyway. I don't think my audience or their commenting patterns care to worry about absorbing my content over time; generally you respond right after it comes out, or not at all.

The same lovely people comment routinely and I could just squish you up. That's what I'm thankful for this month... People who comment and people who participate in drive by memes and stick around. Thanks for helping me get through this November. You made blogging feel less solitary.

As a result of this month, I have tried harder to find blogs outside the infertility community. The topics are so different and, in many ways, I relate to them more completely. To be truthful, I am in twin pregnancy overload.

Here's to new horizons.


DD said...

I actually can't wait to go back to my Typepad account for the "mundane". While I'm a comment whore, I still like to throw things out there that are ridiculous and irrelevant. "Deep and meaningful" wear me the fuck out.

Sorry to hear you are still missing Sadie. Mr. DD still misses Moe and refused the opportunity to get some kitties for the acreage b/c he's "not ready."

Do what makes you happy, Cricket. Screw the rest (not literally, even if that would quite possibly make you happy).

brite69 said...

I hear you about missing your kitty. Dec 14th marks 1 year since I had to put Harley down and I can't even look at her pictures with out bursting into tears. Kinda sucks cuzz I have a frame with 3 pictures of her on the wall going into my kitchen.

Oh! Greg gotted me a surprise on the Day of Turkey Goodness. I'll post pictures of it when I get home tonight. I've been meaning to since I got the surprise, but I've been lazy and trying to make a comfortable ass groove in my couch. I can't seem to get comfortable at all anymore... Anyway, PICTURES tonight. You will love it. :-P

brite69 said...

And the comments. I typically only comment when I feel like I have something to say. I read as often as I can, though, and find myself refreshing a few times through the day. You're the only one who reads my blog or at least the only one who comments, but I write other places that used to get comments. Now? Not so much. I'm not sure if it's due to my content now-a-days or what. I like it when you post daily cuzz it means I always have something new to read and I love the way you write. To ask you to continue to blog everyday isn't something I'm going to do though, cuzz if I can't stick to that, why should I ask someone else to? LOL I'll keep coming back, regardless of how often you update.

Anonymous said...

I love a gray cat. I tried and tried to get The Boy to choose gray, but to no avail. I love my black and white, too, more than I ever thought I would - even when he's inside the branches of the Christmas Tree. Silly cat.

Karen @ Stiletto

Anonymous said...

Right back at ya. Thanks for sticking around.

Anonymous said...

I like it all. I guess I'm a non-discrimating blog-reader? You're a good writer and keep it interesting, even when the topic isn't necessarily something I'm into.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading since Nov 1, but keeping up with my own NaBlo posts took all my effort. Sorry I haven't been commenting, but I'll be sticking around to see what you're up to.

Cricket said...

Wow, Merimoo. Didn't realize you're still there. Thanks for piping up.

Ginny, welcome. Glad to have you.

Mucho thanks to the rest of you as well. I appreciate you being here.

Monica Cassani said...

I have the same exact gray kitty she's just 13---my other cat is 17 and I'm terrified of losing her. She is getting frail. I love them both to death!

I love your blog Cricket. Took me a while to actually get over here read more than a sentence or two.

I will continue.

Not Fainthearted said...

no problem!